Simply raise funds.

Thanks to tokenized shares, it's easy to sell shares online and raise fresh capital for your next growth plans.


Missing capital is among the top 7 reasons why startups fail.

- Postfinance



Raising new capital via the sale of own shares has so far been associated with major hurdles for SMEs and startups, and those who deal with the issue too late risk bankruptcy.

Tokenized shares, Switzerland's progressive DLT law and Aktionariat's brokerbot change that.

With tokenized shares, you can:

Farmy raised 4 million in just 14 days thanks to Aktionariat.

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Founders and CEOs of Farmy: Roman Hartmann and Tobias Schubert.

Sell your company

All at once, step-by-step, or just a small part of it.


On average, it takes 5 to 7 years until a startup is sold and the founding team is paid accordingly. But beware: Only every 10th company survives the whole seven years!

Selling your company only partially and step by step was not feasible for a long time, because the administrative effort would not have been worth it.

Tokenized shares solve this problem.

With tokenized shares, which are real shares according to Swiss DLT law, you can easily:

Why Aktionariat?


+ 26'000 investors

Our community of investors grow by the minute and meets regularly on the investor events.


+ 48 million

That's how much capital has been raised through our ecosystem.


52 companies

An ever growing number of companies rely on our solution, yours too?

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