Build trust and reward your community.

Strengthen your community ties and maximize your company's success with tokenized shares and actively involved customers.


Founders and CEOs of Farmy: Roman Hartmann and Tobias Schubert.

Farmy let community and team participate in their company by selling their shares online.

Reward and incentivise your community

Build trusted and loyal customer relationships.


The community is becoming increasingly important. This includes not only fans of the company's own brand, but also partnerships, customers and suppliers. They all play a central role in the success of their own company.

But building and rewarding a strong and loyal community, retaining them for a long time, and aligning their goals with your own is not easy.

Unless you make them shareholders of your own company and thus create a win-win situation. With tokenized shares, this is easier today than ever before.

Major benefits include:

  • Overcome the challenges of community building
  • Empower your community to collaborate
  • Foster a strong shared interest in your company

Sell your company

All at once, step-by-step, or just a small part of it.


On average, it takes 5 to 7 years until a startup is sold and the founding team is paid accordingly. But beware: Only every 10th company survives the whole seven years!

Selling your company only partially and step by step was not feasible for a long time, because the administrative effort would not have been worth it.

Tokenized shares solve this problem.

With tokenized shares, which are real shares according to Swiss DLT law, you can easily:


Wemakeit: Founder Rea Eggli and Johannes Gees

Wemakeit sold shares worth 7 million to team and community.


+ 19'000 investors

Our community of investors grow by the minute and meets regularly on the investor events.


+ 25 million

That's how much capital has been raised through our ecosystem.


36 companies

An ever growing number of companies rely on our solution, yours too?

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