Employee Participation

«Participation is a great keyword.»

For the Service Hunter AG, also known as quitt., tokenizing and selling their shares on their own website was a convenient yet effective solution to motivate and engage employees as well as customers.


David Christen, founder of Service Hunter AG

Why Employee participation?

Keep and employ the best talent.

The most motivated employees.

Finding and retaining the right employees is by no means an easy task. That's why employee participation is a welcome instrument that represents a unique opportunity to motivate your employees to work for your company. This is especially true compared to established, large corporations that are able to pay higher salaries.

Easy with tokenized shares of real value.

Simply offer real shares to your employees.

Tokenizing your shares and implementing a Brokerbot© on your website is all you need to do in order to get started.

Now your employees can participate in the success of your company with only a few clicks.

Win-win for your company and your employees.

It has never been easier to align interests between you, your company and your employees. A true win-win situation.


29 companies

19 companies have already motivated their employees by leveraging the power of their shares.

Watch the story of Service Hunter AG—quitt.

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David Christen, co-founder of Service Hunter AG

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See how you can leverage the power of your shares.

Béla von Mérey

Béla von Mérey

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