«Yes, investors get involved»

Roy sees their investors as a community and says that tokenization was always on the radar for them but they never found a way to do it. Now, they were finally able to change that.

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Roy Bernheim, Co-Founder & CEO of TBô


+10'000 Investors

Our Community is growing every day and gather physically at the Investor Events to meet you and our other companies.


+18 Million Swiss Francs

The amount of capital our companies were able to raise through their stakeholders.


32 Companies

An ever increasing amount of companies rely on our toolset. Yours too?

Community is key.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts—just like a company is made up of more than just its founders and employees.

Customers, suppliers, employees and everybody else who gets in contact with your brand are also among the relevant stakeholders of your company.

Stakeholders therefore represent a precious resource for growth and product development. However, tapping into this resource historically represented an intricate issue.

T-Bô thought so too. That's why they were looking for an inclusive solution that would lead to a win-win situation for existing shareholders as well as other stakeholders, like their community.

Thanks to Aktionariat, they were not only able to tokenize their shares but also to easily distribute them through their own website. With the fully automated toolset in place, all stakeholders can now participate in the company's success.

As stakeholders become shareholders a company can now count on their network, knowledge and skills in turn.

Stakeholders. Your most powerful asset.

Customers, suppliers, employees and your community are your biggest stakeholders.

Imagine the potential for your brand and your business in general if you were able to leverage their knowledge, motivation, and network.

Tokenized shares, sold directly on your website.

Harness the potential of your tokenized shares effectively. Simply add a Brokerbot® to your investor relations page and sell your shares online.

From stakeholder to brand ambassador in less than 30 days.

Now that your stakeholders are part of your company they are intrinsically motivated in its success and spread positive information about it too. 

That's word-of-mouth marketing at its finest!

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